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Web Audio API eXtension

With WAAX, this is how you create the live example above.
<mui-rack id=“fmk1”></mui-rack>
<mui-rack id=“delay”></mui-rack>
<mui-rack label=“keyboard”>
    <mui-vkey id=“vkey”></mui-vkey>
var fmk1 = WX.FMK1();
var delay = WX.StereoDelay();;
MUI.buildControls(fmk1, ‘fmk1’);
MUI.buildControls(delay, ‘delay’);

"Web Audio API eXtension is
a JavaScript framework for web-based music application
built on top of Web Audio API and Web Components."

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Modular, Extensible and Robust.

WAAX is comprised of 4 parts: Core, Plug-ins, MUI elements and Workflow. The flexibility serves various use cases such as prototyping, classroom setting, live coding or full-featured application design.

Create, Connect and Tweak.

Synthesizer, sampler, chorus or equalizer - you can chain them to create your own sound. Furthermore, it is straight-forward to design your own plug-in based on WAPL(Web Audio PLugin) format.

Musical UI for Web.

With the power of Web Components, WAAX offers MUI, a set of musically-specialized GUI elements. You can create a knob with a single line of HTML code. Also MUI is smart enough to generate UI automatically.

Iterate and Experiment. Fast.

WAAX values iteration and experiment. The pre-configured setup simplifies and optimizes the development process significantly. Bootstrap, iterate, build and deploy with few keystrokes.

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